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THURSDAY DECEMBER 1ST, 2005 from 12:00 to 00:00 CET (UTC + 1)

Information for project partners  (last updated 15 November 05)

THE WEBCAST in short - A 12 hour long live webcast  on the subject of Einstein's physics and how it is carried out in todays cutting edge laboratories worldwide. The main target audience are youngsters above 15 and the general public,   gathered in science museums based in the vicinities of the physics laboratories and over the Internet. The event  marks the conclusion  of  WYP 2005 but is proposed as  a gateway to 2006 and more physics events for the public in the years to come.

More accurate description on webcast website :

NEWS for the partners 


The partners

CERN Paola Catapano (production), Silvano De Gennaro (Technical Director)
Imperial College London
Dave Colling,
Fermilab Marge Bardeen
The Exploratorium Melissa Alexander, Rob Semper
SLAC Neil Calder
WYP International Steering Committee Martial Ducloy, Ophelia Fornari
EPS Martin Huber
ECSITE Walter Staveloz
Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem  Varda Gur-Ben
National Science Education Centre Taipei
Paoti Chang

The technology partners

CNAF, Bologna  Telecom Italia
PIRELLI Tandberg


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